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1000 Calorie  Turkey Burn Workout


WE'RE BACK!!! Join Fitness Guru Edrina Newman and Zumba Instructor Erika G. and Friends for our 12th Annual 1000 Calorie Turkey Burn Workout on Thurs., Nov. 24th 10 a.m.- 12 p.m. at Energy Fit Studio. This is a super fun workout that includes Zumba, Kickboxing, Dance Fitness, Obstacles, Yoga and more. The name of the game is to keep going until someone can show proof that they burned 1,000 calories. So bring your calorie counter (if you have one), water and towel, because we are about to have a sweat fest. 

Early Registration In Studio:

$15 for 1 person




$20 for 2 People

At the Door: $20 Per Person


Online through Zoom: $20 for the whole family to join!


Address: 16618 Clay Rd., Houston, TX 77084

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5 a.m. Small Group Training 

Small Group PT.jpg

Want to tone and add weight training to your workout regimen? I highly recommend that you join the 6 am Boot Camp class . Classes are held on Monday and Wednesday's at District at Memorial.  Includes a Healthy Meal Plan, Weigh-in, Measurements, Pictures, Accountability Partners and Coaching.

For: Both Men & Women of all Fitness Levels.



Feb.. Morning Boot Camp $99

Location: Parkside at Memorial

777 S. Mayde Creek Dr.,

Houston, TX 77079

 Feb. Morning Boot Camp

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Personal Training 
1-on-1    & Virtual Available


Is today day #1 or one day you will decide to start your Transformation? The choice is up to you. Just know that I am here to help you achieve your body goals. Inbox me for Personal Training  or Small Group Training information. Let's Gooooooo!

Client Testimony

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Book Your Private Parties & Private Lesson with Edrina


Ladies are you celebrating your Birthday , Bachelorette Party , Reunion , Girls Trip , Women Empowerment Event and you are looking for something entertaining, fun and uplifting to do? Do you want to work bringing sexy back and add spice into your life with your lover? Want to learn to walk confident and sexy in your heels ?


We Offer:

1.  Exotic Aerobics (Fitness & Dance)

2. Tease (Art of Seduction)

3. Make It Clap (Twerk & Floorwork)

4. Trap Yoga (Sophisticated & Ratchet Music while doing Yoga)

5. Roller Skating Line Dancing

6. Beginner Roller Skate Lessons

We can come to your location or you can rent out studio time. 

Contact me today for a quote to book or get more info on a Private Party, Small Groups or 1-on-1 Session. 


If you are like Edrina Newman, aka "Masterpiece" owner of Get That Body Right, one time or another you have dealt with the challenges of self-esteem and/or your weight. Get That Body Right is a company that specializes in Fitness, Health and Nutrition and was created to help people, especially women maintain their well being during their day-to-day journey thru life. Get That Body Right has a one-of-a-kind weight loss program that help our clients to have a total body transformation, lose weight, tone, eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Just when someone tells you can't do it or does not believe in you, WE BELIVE IN YOU! At Get That Body Right we are a family. We work together to achieve our ultimate fitness goals.  If you are fighting obesity, depression, high blood pressure, etc... WE CAN HELP YOU! When you attend one of our classes or events, we want for you to leave all your stress outside. Yes, we will make you sweat and give you kick-butt workouts, but that is only because we care and want to see you achieve your ultimate fitness goals.

14 Day Shift Challenge (Online)

Edrina Fitness Bio.jpg

WIN Cash Prize for Getting in Shape! JOIN TODAY!

Delicious Detox Tea

Delicious Detox Tea.jpg

Stressed out, feeling overwhelmed and as a result you are eating bad foods? Need to Flush Out ? My Delicious Detox Tea - Is infused with natural flavors of peach, apricot and honey and herbs to help remove all the toxins out of your system.

My @DeliciousDetoxTea will help you:

Clearer Skin

Lose Weight

Help Regulate Your Colon

Increase Your Energy

Gentle Cleanse Your Entire Body

Package Includes: Meal Plan, Fridge List, Snacks List & Coaching

7-Day Pick Up: $99

3-Day Pick Up: $50

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Pick Up Location: 777 S. Mayde Creek, Houston, TX 77079. Call 832-496-4290 to schedule pick up day and time.

Adult Roller Skating

Line Dance & Fitness Class

Thursday's at 7 p.m.

Skate Class.jpg

Roller Skating is the New Craze since the pandemic. Everyone is buying skates and going back to the skating rinks.  Join Fitness Guru Edrina Newman on Thursday, April 8 and every Thursday at 7 p.m. for Roller Skating Line Dance and Fitness Class at Dairy Ashford Roller Skating Rink.


What is Roller Skating Line Dance & Fitness? Good Question! Edrina has taken Roller Skating Fitness a step further and combined Skating with Line Dancing.  It is a great way to strengthen your core muscles, tone your legs, enjoy a cardio based workout and have fun burning calories while shuffling to the music. This is a beginner friendly to intermediate class. . 

Cost: $17 entry and $3 skate rental

Includes Class Pass & Pass to the Adult Skate Night Session that Night from 8-11 p.m. (4 Hours of Fun!) Great thing about coming to the 7 p.m. class is you get to enter the skating rink early, practice before the crowd comes in, guarantees your spot for Adult Skate Night and make new friends in the Skate Community. #winning 


Address:  1820 S. Dairy Ashford Rd, Houston, TX 77077

To Book Your Spot go to or come to the skating rink about 15 minutes before the class to register you have time to put on your skates and rent a locker if you need to. 

Locker Rentals are $3.

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